Monday, July 12, 2010

Glass Yarn


Shoot for Jenn and Fer again.

This time with Yuu.

Start around noon then until 6+

Honestly, I felt that the its is as usual or even more stressful. Haha.
Posing sucks.
Carefree ftw D:

And got the jacket pictures.

Hmm... missed out on
1)Going to shoot at helix
2)Measuring tape shoot
3)Weird structures places shoot

Quite depressing...

Hurr~ but luckily before yesterday, just Jenn and Fer self shoot at art museum.
Security guard on duty at that point of time, omg i hearts joo!!!!!!

-bows bows bows-

Then yestderday, when we went there again... we aer not allowed to shoot..
And there is a price for shoot.
$170 for 3 short hours.

LOL? Tax ar? WTH.

and 4H gathering was also cancelled last minute.
Nice one guys.... When I can make it... its cancelled. When I cannot make it, it happens.

And im tired of everything....
except my interests.

So.. im editing some pictures now...
Next post will spam pics again. Hurr~

When I reached home yest, my mother told me to email my cousin my resume..
She gonna give it to her boss... and job is lab and date entry...

im scared.
Im not ready for the evil world yet...
Then again, MUST hold your fear with both sweaty hands U___U

and the thing is...
I know i am not afraid of heights...
But why am i when im at those places?

I am afraid of getting afraid...
Yeah... i know i am afraid of getting afraid..
So maybe i thought that i am gettimg afraid.. then i got afraid because i might get afraid...

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