Monday, July 26, 2010


I was really expecting a rejection letter.
But does things go my way?
Nooo... of cos not.
Not at all...
The letter that arrived was, the letter of acceptance.

-dramas and despairs-

Oh my gosh...
now the bugger problem~ Mooleh~

-seaweed dance-

Part time job hunting again.
Yeah.. i stopped hunting, cos I really believed in rejection.
(o ^ _ ^ o)
so... now my mother is offering me a job like her...
i dont know if im cut for the job ^^;
Its teaching...


What the heck...
Just because of my personality, she says i would make a perfect teacher.
Oh yes... she is right.
Oh and... its not my outside personality.
==; my outdoors personality CMI to be teacher.
I am just afraid that in the classroom, i forgot to change out of my outside personality.
Hurr~ very assuring.
Homg, since i will be walking in my mother's path, i have to work million times harder.
She have outstanding positive comments and is a great teacher.
Oh dear... can i make it? D:

Maybe i shall just give it a go... See how. Whether i die or survive~ ;D

ah and now that i am back in school, to stay a cosplayer is tough.
Not talking about time and management, but convinving my father that it is perfectly safe to let me cosplay still. This time, i promise i wont slack/give 90% effort into hobbies and 1% into studies and remaining be swallowed by black hole.

I need to do it....




And AFA this year will clash with my first exam and Raya Haji..
Prays that AFA is after 26November.


I really dont want to back up on AFA plans...
Like promoised xuyun to do RingCon and with 0A do R.Garden.

Oh my gosh...
I will study hard father...
Just dont take away the things i treasure doing.


I will edit pictures.

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