Thursday, July 8, 2010


Day 1

Did Shinn Asuka from Gundam Seed Destiny

And Day 2 Jennifer

For more info, please visit my LJ instead. Haha I am too lazy to retype here.

So i guess its picture spam?


I know... Im damn chui right~

I need to up camwhore XP

and at cosfest, my 2011 plans got beaten.

I saw
1) Motochika

Hmm... The vrsion i was planning to d0 was SW2 but seh did a SW3 version.
And i think it is nice. Though not topless and too little gradient.
But i still think it is nice.
Now need to do Taigong for EOY even strongly. WHAHHAHA

2) Masahiro

Shounen onmyouji.
But no Mokken. And not the version i want to do.
The version i want to do is the final version. With teh sword of Suzaku.
I know. Its A LOT of stuff T___T

3) Ginshu

From one of my favourite animes, Amatsuki -hearts-


Go shades~ -wiggly dance-

On Wednesday,

went out to hunt for vanity galsses and shades. -omg im so vain-
Nah, its becsuse...
Tm Rev would say...'take gd care of yourself'

So i will love myself.
-hearts- lol, so weird... =A=


now stop it and get on to what i was going to say...

got red yarn too... for clothrd photoshoot on Sat.
and then mizu told me abt Stage sale.

Nice timing, i also need new concealer and foundation. i never had a foundaiton before.
So, went there to panic before randomly pick tubes from teh shelves.

in the end, manage to survive the shop.
Im sooo weak.. Tsk tsk...

in teh end, no shoot on friday.. so all push to sat.
Oh my...
Now on sat i shall be very not free... buseh~

First CAF trainings
then photoshoot
then maybe TGX... (maybe) - i am willing ot scrape going to tgx actually. even scrape cosing as gokudera to tgx =3 =
then after that, going 4h outing at that ferris wheel. i 4gt the name is what.

So... woo... confrim KO when reach home.
Right now, still post event exhaustion.. actually it because of throat infection and rashes on neck and face too..
I feel soo useless and puffy T^T

urgh, so uncomfortable... -sob sob-

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