Monday, July 4, 2011

Walked by the old town~

Cosfest X.I

I skipped school to be with Good Day. XD

Day 1.

Packed the remaining items into the bag. The wig already dried. The clay buckle too.
Bathe and get dressed. Ate breakfast before heading out.
But seriously, extra tight binding, I cannot eat more than 10 spoonful of rice. T__T
and the rice is damn nice! -sobs-

Reached DTE exactly at 12noon. At least according to my watch. Ahax.
And my blisters are killing my foot. Damn. The skin really peeled. Ouch.
Sat and get fully dressed at McDonalds. Whee~ got the blue can glass ;D
Yuu-chan helped with the triangles. Hahaha. Need that A4 mirror. Thanks Yuu! for evening out and shading the triangles. Though I moved a lot and couldn't keep still. Haha. ;D

Its an enjoyable day. Really cool. Finally get to meet new people ^^;
Partly because Kai is quite old school I guess. Something else that the creativity sucking stuff (>o<) People still remembered! Naiceee~

I would have loot a lot of things. But I was pretty broke this week. In the end, only got myself a fan with bishies on it. Uh, some fan work.. but the colour tone is nice thats why I got it. Oh not to mention it is super useful during this particularly hot day.
This year, there are 2 tents! One features booths for goodpeople. Another for human booths ^^;
Bahahah. More space. Very very good! >O

Missed out on a lot of people. Sadly, as usual I guess? I wasn't very trigger happy. Barely any camwhore too! D:
Damn sad.

Day 2

Ah. Had been a while since I am not solo-ing on cosplays.
Beelzebub team ;D
Akiwatari= Oga
Mizurei= Aoi
Xuyun= Chiaki

Yosh. So exciting!~ >///<
But still missing on a lot of people. Hurr~ Whad'ya expect...
Yuu-chan did Mugi. From K-on. Really like the striped shirt. It felt all to natural! \ o /

So the routine didn't change much from day 1.
Didn't see that many people either. Whyyy.... are people disappearing.. Oh man. OTL

Ah If you noticed, I had plasters on my left arm. Its totally not accurate. But the XXX marks really won't tango from my arms under concealer T_T
But its lucky that both days characters kind of really suit the plaster theme. Lol.

Bought more loot. Hmm a bookmark. I liked others more, but idk why I got this. O_O;
And a Howl's moving castle and Spirited away big card. I am running out of wall space. Hahaha.

Ah right.

I will tweak some pictures now to post here. Heh.


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