Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gira gira

Beware! Ah hey I realised its really bad without make up. But sunlight help to lessen the eyeburn.
Actually its the lipstick!
LOL     /slaps self

Litchi's lipstick. Its quite alright.

Meanwhile, I am fretting about AFA. 

I have decided to do Rin's that super detailed (half)Gi version. 
Need to get cloth and stuff tomorrow. Byebye money. I already told my mother I want money for AFA, so I guess I can spend a little on costume now. (I have $25 budget OTL)

I am so freaking 'rich'

Ahhh still need to get for autumn. Which I will settle after AFA. 

Going to start on Rin's half-mask now.

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