Sunday, October 7, 2012

Defined strike!

Have been ages since I posted here. There is suppose to be STGCC update, but I am still half way through the pictures! About 30% filter left. Nyahhh this is not good. 

Oga is most happy with this picture.
Jajajaja Kotetsu-san! 

If you noticed, in the end, walking the the DIY soles are impossible. They are like suction pads. Hahaha

Some time after STGCC, we went to the Harry Potter exhibition again. That makes it two times. 
This time, we went with more people. Kiyo and her two sisters, Daidaro and Xuyun. I went with both of my brothers. 

Pictures really not edited yet! So next time will continue with the picture update.

Meanwhile, I have been doing Litchi stuff. 
Slow progress. I still need 8 gold buttons and a gold star. Zera's glasses and another guy's glasses.

 The Black star 'flag' is a real pain to paint. SO FREAKING BIG!
Urgh, the gloves for Zera. The most easiest. 

Took ages to find this hat for them. Still need to fix the star and gold buttons at the sides. Its cotton made and the visor thing is not shiny as it should be. Lets see if I can stick a PVC sheet on it for the shine. 
ts only $5! And I only spend 10 minutes in Bugis. (Letting legs bring me somewhere and I saw this hat. And no argument at all Hahhaha)

Also doing Hei's mask. I don't know what to do about the uneven-ness. 
Bought Hei's black coat cloth. After AFA will sew it. Still need the green lining. 

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