Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All them buttons

Yo went to Chinatown to get stuff again before school last night. 

I actually bought super DUPER thick green cotton from Sorceress aunty. I didn't want it initially because of two factors:
1) I am making a coat with lining. Its going to be sauna if use that material. 
2) $4/m is $1.50 over budget.

But she gave me $3.50 instead and so I got the cloth. I cut down from 2.5m to 2m because it is 60'' too. So I guess overall it is okay. And the heat I have to live with it. The black cotton I got hopefully will help a little.
In the end, I am $0.50 below budget ^^~  Kyahaha~~

Then got gold buttons. 

$3.80 for plain buttons. ($1.20 below budget)
$1 for 2 star buttons. When I only needed 1. Impulse buying. ($0.50 above budget)

Will have to break the circle circumference. The stars are so nice man!

So I am below budget for once! By so little only. Pfft---

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