Friday, December 19, 2014

AFA I guess shld post something up

AFA Event log! Totally forgot abt it. But to summarise it all. both days are (as usual) very enjoyable. Looking forward very much to the second day, Sunday!

Because The Hobbit.

Legolas CN Mizurei
Thranduil CN Akiwatari

Picture by Tan Lum Hoe

Picture by VIVID+
My ring has shineeee /zapzapzap lol idk why

I feel my Thraduil is pretty bad. I don't even know how to pose. So its just... look at camera. Haha Meanwhile Legolas so cool. Hurr~ 

But had a lot of fun, because many people channeling their feels, and you can feel them all. Its really awesome.

Day 1, Saturday, it is a recos. Gundam Seed Destiny. Representatives.
I likeeee...... uniforms!!!

But I still so blehhhh as Lacus. So lame forgive me  OTL 

Cagalli CN Mizurei
Lacus CN Akiwatari

Oh I haven't find pic yet. I think no have. But we did took at the Canon booth. 
Next time must take picture at all of the backgrounds.

I am such a bother omg sorry everybody. Lemme shiok sendiri.    D':

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