Friday, December 26, 2014


The most anticipated movie:

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

So we accidentally went to the marathon. Its was a chance after a photog shared an event, where costumers are called to arms, dressed and stand to sit for the marathon. Oh mai gawddd yesh, so we signed up. Initially wanted to watch, but its expensive and... confirm parents don't let. But somehow can go in the end. hahaha wtf.
Kiyo went as Legolas, I went as Thranduil. No props, because... lazy. Hahaha its great to meet more awesome fans. And marathon is sooo goooooooddddd!
Accidentally won 2nd prize for a competition I didn't enter. Lol. But 1st prize was where eyes are all upon. Bloody hell.

I think this guy was the guy handing out people's polariod prints. 

Elfie!!! Its difficult yea... shld have used timer.

Family Elfie~ rofl.
Swag 3D

Prizes: Mug, metal bookmark, tattoo, carabeiner, drawstring bag, leather bracelet with Thorin shield, AND THE SHIRT WHICH I REALLY WANTED COS GOT SWORD OF THRANDUIL IN THE SLEEVES /HYPERVENTILATING. Polaroid and the map are complimentary. 

And BOFA is just... hammering my kokoro. Wait for the extended version to judge more. Now I just need to rewatch LOTR.
It ended short of 4am. or as it 3.30am? Can't remember.

Then the next day... we watched with Nick.

Hahahah backstage outfit with BOFA battle crownlet.

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