Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Last prop pre AFA post

Oh yeahh the rings and brooch are all done and completed. Actually, only the stone and that snakey ring thingy I did them. The rest of the rings (brooch included) I import them. Hurr they are so expensive, especially shipping. Vomit blood. Have to use pre-saved AFA funds for them. The irony...
The self made one are... horrendous.
Since the rings are wayyy bigger then my size, had to insert another ring with adjustable band (from Mizu's stock de. Hehehe)

 Yes I bought 2 of this.

The staff are all done too. Wig tested. The added side comb are sick on my hair line, so won't have to use them.

Crap, not feeling especially well.   /dizzy spells and nauseous

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