Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Straight shoot

Another Shigeki no Kyojin shoot.
Its sort of a premature shoot, because the skies decide to cry on our dirty gears.
Sasha can't join us, so its up to just us 4.
Akiwatari @ Levi
Xuyun @ Armin
Yukio @ Jean
Yuui @ Misaka

Into the woods~

(Okay I haven't been able to edit pictures, and the ones from my phone camera is on Fb.)

Very excited for this shoot more than the SnK. No gearing up required, just... Lots of makeup. Which still melts soon enough, as I stepped outdoors. Took hours for quite simple beings |||OTL
Representative version so cool~

Akiwatari @ Lacus
Mizurei @ Cagalli

Next week is AFA already. Have to finish everything by this week, cos mid week going relax on beach yo~ then get tan and dark.  /sobs

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