Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grand too far =(

We are supposed to do the annual routine for visiting for hari raya… but this year, we didn’t. I am really disappointed actually. A few days before, I am really looking forward to be able to visit my grandmother. Oh man, I missed her actually. =(

But, some family turbulence pop out, and nobody wants to forgive and relent. So, the poor neutral victims have to suffer their weird acts. T___T

So, the entire day, I was in absolute despair. And I am still feeling lots of regrets and depression when I think of it.

Oh well, look onward! >D

I shall compile up my cosplay plans properly.


Why do I live for Cosplay?

It’s the only thing that could make me 200% or more well and in tip-top emotional condition. It is going to be my source of soul and life I have decided.

I need a Tsuna =A=

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