Thursday, November 19, 2009

B a t F l y

Popping by for a really brief moment before I m going to cram Proteomics stuff for the tset tomorrow.

Here flies Rasiel's bat. From his box weapon.

Because Im amazing.. only one is going to fly. XD

Its not even perfectly symmetrical.
OMG, Death the Kid will nosebleed and hang me =A=

But its kind of adorable.
Its cute... coughsadorablebutuglycoughs

Here is the completed bat. =D

I want to do Diva.

Homg. And Im suddenly feeling so lost.
Swimming between the strong current of 'Dispair and demoralised' and 'Indifference and ego'
I can see no shoreline.

Must mentally brace self for AFA.

-swept away, further and yet further-

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