Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tako head~

Have not been progressing much for AFA's costume. Though I left early for SJCC to get home ASAP and get the costume done, its didn't really get fullfilled.

Got dragged to Compass Point and then Daiso @ Rivervale mall.
Bought a dark blue tie. I intend it to be used for Gokudera's school tie, but... its too dark and, there are diagonal lines on the tie. But I still kind of like the tie. It will be used for casual wear then. XD

So.. reached home, then get to the costume sewing...

I would have it done 80%, but of cos, I screwed up a litttle, and I need to redo half of it...
Nah.. its minor alteration..

Rasiel's cape: 60% complete.

Just maybe, I might have the time to complete the bats.

Its all about time management DL!!! -arrows self-

Oh, got the blonde wig. And I am VERY reluctant to cut it. T___T
Its really lovely and...long blonde.. *____*

Please mind this picture very much.
IHopefully my eye would heal in time for AFA.

And I miss Gokudera badly. =A=

-sob sob- Wa....wait... I miss a whole lot of people too. =D

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