Sunday, November 22, 2009

A F A , 1st Day 2009

First, I forget my SD-card again!!!
Then, I missed Kaname!!!
Zomg, Like... 2 major bad things.

In the end, used Yuu's camera to take some pictures. And i am REALLY greatful for ALL teh taken pictures.

My favourites for AFA day 1 have to be these 2;

Camwhore. But its kindof nice. = w =
next to the Gundam00 team for Cosfest 09:
This IS TOPS!!!!

Something in life is worth living for... Yoite and Ayanami there with me.
-lols. their poses are about the same too! wicked-
Fanboys. I think their cosplay are like... AMAZING. *__*

Homgz and the handshake was initiated by Ayanami... Argh! I could faint there and then. ^^;
And Yoite seem happy that I recognised him and want to take a picuture with him. XD
= w =
Whoa, im reverring... =D

Life must be good while it lasted.

Though I wasn;t cosplaying, just dressing up, i get to be a 'Rey's imposter' for teh day today.
and people actually thought i am cosplaying. Rofl.

Homg, and Usagi-san i have decided will NEVER remember who i am. I was kind of shocked and insuloted when he thought we were from Malaysia. O__O
My glass globe crashed. -sob-
Then he said that 'porbably too good that he tot we are cosplaying'
Sorry guy, but the first sentence drains my life away.

Rofl. No worries, there are plenty of people that forgets and doesn't recognise too. ^ ^

Cannot wait for Day 2. But I wonder if i will do a good grace for Rasiel.
AFA, here I come.


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