Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A penny of worthless thoughts

An attempt to rewrite the HTML send me to hell straight.

Heng ar.. can use a pretmeplate after i screwed the HTML by trying to make the video(points at side bar) to 'autoplay'... Omg. FAILLL

Quite feeling un-right in my deep deep bottom self.
Not wrong or sick.. but un-right.

Damn it. Im very annoyed to most human. And I miss cosplay already.
Oh and I care very much that I am really broke now. AFA coming up next.

Oh dear.

Oh dear.

-Stabs self and slit wrist-

-Jumps down, drowns and rebirth-

I can rant all I want here, nobody comes here anyways. Its not suppose to be known.
Unless you stumble upon this. -Waves-

I hate.
I really hate.

Another unwanted presence.

Omg, sugar donut.

Im too dishearten to do Gokudera for EOY.
Im such a low loser. I deserve life no more then my rotting brain cells.

Let me die, in pain.

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