Monday, November 23, 2009

A F A , 2nd Day 2009

Yosh, AFA was over yesterday. And I tried stretching it till the max time I could stay there. I know I am going to miss AFA, and cosplay in general. I am already missing it now, badly. –Cries-

Eh, day 2 for AFA, did

TYL Prince King Rasiel from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

OMAKE~ Have to like the glasses. Verde's.

Camwhore Day 2.

I think have lots of room for improvement. XD

And KANAME is great. I hope next year AFA will have more exciting ‘programmes’ lined up for everybody. But the only problem I have with the event is... the extraordinary amount of human flocking around the convention centre.

Here is KANAME during the closed panel Cosplay talk~
Most of the pictures are blurry, because the area is dark and I used zoom. T___T

Oh well, here are some pictures from my camera, Mika. Please note that I named him after nobody. –Coughs- No misunderstanding, because Mika is also a Russian name. =D

Yay~~ Mukoro and Rasiel
Stanman there as Mukuro!!!! *___* Almost didnt see him~ Phew, manage to snap a pic.

And now, off to rush homework. T___T

Gah, have no mood for school work~

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