Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Different story told


Lest say if you can feel angry air currents in yourself.
And you feel like puking and burping at the same time... But the air just stays in. 

What to do?

Ah this works for me all the time since when I am young. You can chew and nibble at raw small ginger strips.
Or to soothe that terrible stomach, brew a strong pint of tea. Add a few ginger into it.
Ginger tea <3

While in the middle of studying for exams (which is tmr!)

I tried out the eyebrow erasing thing again. 
Not too bad. But its taking a long time. Pity I cannot pluck out my eyebrow. 

Only eyebrow and upper eyelid makeup. Don't mind my normal face. 
I am nothing without makeup yo. ;D

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