Friday, July 8, 2011

Twang twang twang

I need to really improve on my cosplay.
Skills from every sort of angle. Costume or the clothes -coughs!- material and quality.
Piecing them up together. Making the accessories.
BEING THEM! which I so suck. T_T
Hurr~ I am still a little uncomfortable to... step on my pride.
Uwaa.. Idk what is wrong with me. D:
Man I suck.

But most important. Besides really picking a character that suits you.
It is what I believe and does...
Not accuracy.

To bring from screen to physical being ;D

Zomg. This bastard is talking cock like some big shot.
My level is still low. >D


Currently, is doing EOY stuff. Yeah baby~!
The wig is stressing me out. How i wished it could be as thick as my own hair. D:
Now, I need a change in wig planning.
Kai will have to share with Claire. Unfortunately yes dears...
Because Motochika's too long to use Kai's wig. HAH. Blame on my dumbness. I totally forgot to refer to my Book of Outer Space.
Kai is suppose to use with Motochika. But the wig is the long one.
Claire is alone. Then spam dye.
Now...its half of each. BRAVO! -claps claps-

As usual, I will start on the props first before sewing.

Shamisen version will be...

Golden Ginkgo!

So... beautiful *___*
Still at drafting process.

I need to reduce my eyebags ;D

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